NOise Karaoke was born one night several years ago to promote community and expression.  Putting the fun back into experimental improv, noise karaoke will help you reinterpret the hits.


YOU (the audience) picks a popular song from a small karaoke selection. When you come up to sing, Gambletron plays the song in a manner that she likes the best, using homemade electronics, circuit-bent items, telephone microphones, classic synths and crappy noise makers. It won't sound like your song -- BUT YOU... the singer..
  YOU--Sing it anyways....

Gambletron mixes your voice into the chaos -- the "HIT" will never sound like the original so be as creative with your performance as you want!!!


Its a wonderful platform for random extraverts and spontaneous mayhem and a solid opportunity to express oneself.

This show could work in a bar or a gallery or a theater though I like it best when its drunk and informal. 

Gambletron Noise Karaoke has toured through Sweden and Germany and been featured in Austria's prestigious Donau Festival 2011, Montreal's Nuit Blanche 2011, and Electric Eclectics 2015.

Gambletron is an improvisational, noise/avantgarde musician and performance artist based out of Montreal, Canada.  She can be found participating in many projects on Constellation Records....and more----pro Full bio here.


"The one-woman music machine Gambletron invited to the brachial Karaoke: Brave visitors were allowed to sing into a microphone and have been remixed live.
Respectively dragged down into a dark vortex of sound electronic confusion. Who ever thought that some songs sound like the normal karaoke is not exactly like the original was, taught a radically betterentertaining." - Kurier, Vienna Austria (as google translated from German)

"Radical Noise Sampling then in the hall 2 by the one-woman show by Lisa Gamble aka Gambletron - the queer Madame Montreal mixes expressive sound of Tom Jones, George Michael karaoke performances oblique self-promoter, the latter more than a tool of expression." oliver plischeck blog (google translated from German)

Berlin April 2011- D.I.Y. CHurCH Radio SHOW
Live karaoke brodacast from LOOPHOLE Berlin, Germany

Donau Fest. May 2011
with Carla Bozulich, DJ Smallcocks  (Lucas Abela),  Daniel Hammerle and Mystery Singer guy.

April 2011, with Herman Munzig, Hammenhög, Sweden

Gambletron homemade Karaoke Video
in the style of Nancy Sinatra by Gambletron

pictures from Donau fest: